Mindful-Wellness Counseling Program


The counseling program at the Village Health Foundation provides

services to the general and underserved populations of Los Angeles. The

underserved populations will include ethnic/racial minorities, LGBTQ

individuals, persons diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, and the economically,

socially oppressed and marginalized groups.


One of the unique qualities of these counseling services is it’s integrative

holistic approach to counseling these individuals, who are often

apprehensive regarding counseling services due to the stigma associated

with their life styles. The lack of sensitivities and understanding of their

personal and cultural perceptions of psychological interventions by service

providers has contributed to the therapist and client not being able to

forge a therapeutic alliance.


The services are provided by graduate students in a clinical training

program supervised by licensed therapist Martha Watson/LCSW.

All intervention are provided under the supervision of licensed

 mental health professionals and are in collaboration with

Village Health Clinic Clinicians.


The Village Health Foundation’s distinctive approach will contribute to

the development of future culturally sensitive mental health professionals

by providing opportunities for these individuals to be supervised and

mentored while addressing the concerns of the underserved populations.


- Appointment Required –

Donation is $36 per person, $60 for couples, and $15 for students

Village policy- no one will be turned away due to lack of funds


For More Information:

 Denise Davidson/MFTT 323.733.0471