Village Health Foundation’s Youth Leadership Academy

VYLA works to harness the knowledge and skills of its members, develop their leadership capabilities, and strengthen their capacity to cultivate health and wellness in their communities. While our program is very dynamic in nature, the primary focus’ of our activities are: Health and Wellness, College and Career Preparation, and Arts and Empowerment.

VYLA provides urban youth with transformative educational experiences. We utilize a learning model that actively engages students in skill building and critical thinking processes. We offer a wide range of courses including College Readiness, Financial Aid, Yoga, Food Preparation and Financial Literacy. In addition we offer youth the opportunity to explore careers in the Health and Wellness Industry and shadow professionals in related fields.

In addition to the aforementioned programs that are fun on-site at the primary facility, the Village Health Foundation is developing an off-site center that will serve as a residential facility for newly emancipated Foster Youth. This center will provide a safe place for those youth to receive support and resources in job training and life skills as they transition to adulthood.

A central theme running throughout all of our programs is youth empowerment via self-expressions. VYLA members actively work to combat the negative stereotypes of urban youth of color by producing literature, video and music compilations which accurately represent their life experiences, hopes and plans for creating societal and global change.

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Funding Request

The Village Health Foundation is seeking funds in order to bolster our existing youth programs and serve as seed money for new programs we are in the process of creating. We are in need of $250,000 for the College Preparation and Retention Program. This will cover the cost of college tours, staff, technology and other equipment. The residential home for newly emancipated foster youth is in need of renovation, and we need to cover the costs for residential staff, which will total approximately $200,000.

We welcome the opportunity to submit proposals for grants, and speak with foundations and other philanthropic institutions about our vision for the Youth Leadership Academy. Please contact Nesaneet Abagaze, our development coordinator at 310.902.1435 or contact us by EMAIL.

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