8 Things to Know About CPAP Masks Before You Buy One

CPAP Masks

A CPAP mask is a proven and effective way to manage your sleep apnea, especially if you are not ready for surgery. When you now choose CPAP therapy to handle the situation, there is certain information you should be privy to for safety. Moreover, the better prepared you are, the more comfortable you get with the CPAP machine.

Since CPAP therapy is a non-invasive way to manage Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), it is vital to get all the information that can help you. Unfortunately, many patients started with doubts about the effectiveness of these methods, and they got the wrong information from the start. That is why we are putting this article out there so you can find the truth about CPAP masks.

Instead of picking from the rumors flying around about these face masks for sleep apnea, you can believe a proven fact. What is the best sleeping position for patients who use full face masks? Below are eight basic principles of points about CPAP masks that you must know before you buy a CPAP machine for therapy.

All CPAP machines are not the same

No matter what anyone has told you, you should first know that none of the CPAP machines with the CPAP masks are precisely the same. No doubt, they perform similar functions, but they do so to different degrees, and they differ in many other attributes. For example, some of these CPAP masks cover the nose and mouth, while others are designed as nose masks only.

Below are the basic types of CPAP masks that are available in the market:

  • Fixed CPAP: a fixed CPAP mask maintains the preset level of air pressure throughout use at night. It does not change for any reason until you wake up.
  • Automatic CPAP: as the name sounds, the automatic CPAP mask or machine can adjust to the level of the air pressure it senses from the body condition. For instance, when you begin to breathe more quickly, the automatic CPAP masks lower the pressure while sleeping. On the other hand, if the machine detects that your body is having some nasal congestion in the airway, it increases the pressure until the pathway is clear.
  • BiPAP: the BiPAP, as the name sounds, works with two different pressure levels depending on which breathing activity is going on. For example, it has a higher iPAP when the patient is inhaling air and a lower EPAP when exhaling air. The CPAP masks maintain constant pressure that enables them to breathe comfortably

You may need the CPAP machine to sleep every night.

Perhaps, you think wearing the CPAP mask is just a one-time affair. Well, you’re mistaken. The device does not cure the OSA condition; instead, it simply manages it by keeping your airway open during sleep. In addition, this procedure is not permanent, so you may need to stick to the CPAP mask for as long as you want, except if you wish to have surgery to correct the condition.

Moreover, this CPAP therapy is non-invasive, ensuring you can keep having a safe and sound sleep. It is also convenient, and you can get used to it quickly. You only need to wear the CPAP mask when you want to sleep and not carry it during the day. However, note that any night you refuse to use the CPAP mask, your airway may collapse again to a devastating effect.

You cannot discontinue CPAP therapy except after surgery

Until you decide to have corrective surgery on your sleep apnea, you may have to stick to the CPAP mask. Please don’t believe the discontinuation of the CPAP mask, irrespective of how long you have used it. Even if you feel more relieved with it when sleeping, it is not an indication to stop using it.

The reason is simple: the principle of the machine is a managing one and not a curing effect. It contains the root cause of the OSA, but only surgery can permanently cure the condition. However, we understand some people may struggle with using the CPAP mask, which is why you need a physician or a sleep coach before you start or stop.

Even after losing weight, you may still need the CPAP machine

While weight loss is a massive factor in the severity of sleep apnea symptoms, it does not necessarily remove the condition. An exception to that case is when earlier diagnoses have linked your inability to sleep well with your weight. In such a case, you may need to discontinue the CPAP therapy when you lose significant weight. However, let it be by doctor’s prescription.

On the other hand, if the weight loss is due to another illness, there is no reason to stop the CPAP mask. In all, consult a doctor or a sleep coach to make the right decision after assessing the entire situation of your OSA. Meanwhile, the medical expert could also recommend running your CPAP machine on a lower pressure or asking you to stop the whole CPAP therapy.

CPAP does not lead to infections

How wrong will it be for a health device to have side effects such as other infections? Don’t believe that lie. There is no doubt that your body needs time to adjust to using the device for the first time. This condition may cause uneasiness due to a dry or stuffy nose in the early days.

As a result, some people thought it could lead to a bacterial or viral infection, but none of that could be linked to using a CPAP machine. However, the machine could aggravate the situation if you already have a nasal infection. A nasal mask is supposed to protect you against sleep apnea and not cause another disease. 

CPAP masks are still safe even with power cuts

In case of a power outage, while you sleep, the CPAP is safe because it does not suffocate. The machine’s build also provides an exhalation port where air can be released when using the CPAP device. The correct CPAP mask should ease the CPAP users, not add to their worries. The CPAP masks remain safe for use even when there is a power disconnection.

According to the sleep specialist, the variety of mask types makes it possible for users to pick the best CPAP masks. These masks are without air leakage and do not cause skin irritation. In addition, it may have other peculiar features such as a forehead support, chin strap, silicone cushion, and other essential parts of masks. On the other hand, with indirect airflow, CPAP masks can also work for even those who feel claustrophobic.

Discomfort with the CPAP mask cannot stop your sleep

The CPAP mask can help you breathe while you sleep. But if you don’t feel comfortable with its use, you can freely sleep when you adjust the device to the correct settings. Moreover, the modern versions of the CPAP device are non-obtrusive and quiet. Right CPAP masks should not stop you from watching TV or wearing glasses.

The face CPAP mask can also support a nasal pillow mask, which may belong to any of the CPAP mask categories for a comfortable fit. Perhaps your sleep quality may also be related to your bed type. How you wear the headgear may depend on the sleep apnea mask and how it suits you. The best option includes the best CPAP masks and the nasal pillows with a cradle cushion. 

You may only feel uncomfortable when you begin to use it. You can enjoy your sleep again without feeling uneasy as soon as you get over that period. The price of the CPAP treatment and the effectiveness of managing your OSA is worth the effort of the therapy. 

Nothing looks unattractive about the CPAP masks

While some desperately need the CPAP setup’s solution, they still want the good feeling of not using anything. Some have assumed that using such a device to sleep may indicate old age or inability to sleep usually. In other cases, others perceive people with CPAP masks as being unattractive.

However, research has shown that people who started to use sleep therapy to sleep looked better, well-rested, energetic, and youthful. Therefore, one can infer that the effectiveness of CPAP masks in getting quality sleep impacted their overall health. Therefore, you can 


Finally, adopting CPAP masks when the doctor prescribes using sleep therapy is a great decision to make. At the same time, it comes with different options that allow you to test and pick what works best for you. Also, consult a sleep coach or a medical specialist to ascertain your need for a CPAP mask. Then, we can provide you with the best options to pick for maximum